What to Do When Your Coach Tells You to Lose Weight

Coach: How much do you weigh?

Me: (Thinking – isn’t that a personal question…?) 120 something, Coach

Coach: You need to lose weight

Me: By how much? (scratching head, confused)

Coach: Drop about 5 pounds

I was feeling rather awkward and ashamed after that conversation I had with my Cross Country Coach. After all, no one had ever noted anything about my weight nor voiced a problem with it in my athletics.

The Problem with My Eating

Over the summer, when I had a part-time job at 15 working at a bakery, I gained 7 pounds. I didn’t figure it to be an issue – I mean, I was growing, and I knew I’d drop pounds during the season. However, the coach seemed to have an issue with it.

I really didn’t know what to do. As a teen, I’d eat at random times during the day and just feel hungry all the time. I was always deemed as ‘skinny’ and thin, so losing weight was definitely a new concept to me.

Just thinking ‘How am I going to lose weight?” made me very anxious. After discussing it with my parents, however, they told me I had nothing to worry about. (And yes – these are the same parents who worried about me getting weave)


The following week, when the Coach told me I needed to lose weight, my anxiety level was high and I panicked. How? I skipped lunch and sometimes dinner. I would barely eat anything before practice (causing dizziness or severe lack of energy on the field).

When I stepped on the scale – nothing changed. So, I had been starving myself for…what?



Eventually, when I took the advice from my parents to relax, I ate as I normally did but started to go to more practices. When I didn’t eat anything before practice – I couldn’t perform. But when I a healthy meal that was enough to be fulfilling – I started seeing results on the track (and field).

#1 I was getting better and faster. And #2 – I was dropping pounds. 

It took some time, though (it didn’t happen immediately), as I was also gaining muscle.


And no – I did not have to go on a strict diet, keep a planner or log, or worry about the scale to lose weight

So…What I Have To Say to You

If your coach has informed you that you need to lose weight, don’t panic. Why? Freaking out won’t do anything and it can seriously throw your game off. Don’t starve yourself for starters: It’s not worth it. Eat enough, make sure you go to practices as often as you can (here’s where you can lose the weight), and DON’T PANIC(!).

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