How to Find a Job at 15

If you’re searching for a job at 15 – chances are, you’ll have to do a lot of digging to find a business that’ll hire. The ‘golden age’, according to our society, to start working is 16. But I get it – you don’t want to wait until you’re 16 just so you can flip burgers or serve milk shakes.

Why? Either

  • You’re saving up for college
  • You want to buy your own things
  • Or You want responsibility and experience

It really doesn’t matter the reason; it’s going to be tough job hunting at 15. But that’s why I’m here to give you some advice.

#1 Target Small Businesses

Small business owners could always use a helping hand. In addition, they’re not subject to the same laws and requirements a ‘big corporation is’ (for instance, McDonald’s has to pay minimum wage, requires workers to be 16+, etc). Plus, if you’re just 15 and you’re still doing school work, involved in sports, and/or extracurricular activities – most small business owners could compile with your hours. They’re most likely not going to need you for 40 hours a week. They want someone to assist or do small tasks for them.

#2 Work with Families


Teach your neighbor’s daughter how to bike!

  • Babysit
  • Pet-sit
  • Do Dirty work (clean up yards, wash cars, etc.)
  • Tutor

#3 Sell a Product

It’s hard to figure out what to sell, but think big and think hard. What do I see everyone with or What is in demand?

For instance, tons of people are baking cookies and brownies to give to their neighbors, but what about healthy options?

When I was 15, I found my love for baking and decided to expand from chocolate chip cookies to organic peanut butter, cups, apple-cinnamon muffins (even though that’s not healthy), and other baked goods.

I sold so many kale chips, one time, I almost made it into a business (More on that later).

Anything is possible – especially if you’re good at it and you’re passionate about doing it.

#4 Sell a Service


This goes a bit with targeting small businesses, as I mentioned in Heading  1, but also it goes with the next one – Freelancing – as well.

Selling a service is a great way to make money if you have a skill people are willing to pay for. For example:

Can you create a nice invitation for a big event? 

Do you know how to shoot photos or videos well?

Are you great with designing and developing (e.g. website creation)?

If you don’t know enough people that could use your services, this brings me to the next idea – freelancing.

#5 Freelance


You can become a freelancer, whether online or offline, and sell valuable services. Setting up a web page and introducing yourself to the world is a great idea. You can also apply to a few online gigs and start working. Someone may say “I need an article writer” or “I want someone to create my website.”

But be careful with finding freelance sites. It’s always important to look at their terms of eligibility. Particular freelance websites such as or Upwork require users to be 16+ and 18+ respectively.

But freelancing is a good start. That way – you’re not necessarily dedicated to an employer or business owners. You set your hours, pay rate, etc. And if you have the flexibility to focus on important things in your life such as school.


Don’t be afraid to job hunt at 15. Even if everyone you know is telling you it’s impossible – it’s not. You’d be surprised at the kind of opportunities that lay ahead for someone just like you. Plus, as technology rapidly improves and your generation is labeled as the “experts of the digital age” – use this to your advantage.

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