A Review of Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttermilk Cream

Miss Jessie’s is like the best thing that’s happened to me in my natural hair journey. When I found it, though, I was anxious at first. I was paying $40 for two products (the Curly Pudding and the Baby Buttermilk), so naturally I didn’t know if I wanted to pay that much. After talking to some other natural hair sistas and researching what works best for girls with 4a/4b hair, I decided to go with Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttermilk for $16.

And it’s amazing. Like all the other Miss Jessie’s products I’ve tried (okay, I’ve only tried two…I’m a natural girl on a budget), I’ve found the buttermilk to be amazing.

Why It’s Awesome

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It moisturizes my hair really well. After detangling my hair and putting into sections – I apply a little bit of the Baby Buttermilk to each section. Sometimes, without putting anything in my hair – I apply the buttermilk all over my hair at once and my hair stays moisturized. In addition, it really gives my curls great definition. The best thing is that I don’t have to put a lot to make this product work. Which is good…because it’s not cheap (that’s for sure).

Why It’s not so Awesome

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Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttermilk has a lot of oils in it. That’s the only thing I don’t like about this product. When I put it in my hair, it’s greasy. It’s not impossible to deal with it – but as someone who already applies a leave in conditioner that already has heavy oils in it (castor oil, for one), I can’t use the buttermilk all the time.

But the good thing is that I don’t have to use so much…still, it can be very greasy on someone else’s hair.


Although the somewhat greasy residue of this product sucks, I still think it’s great. It works for almost any style: a wash-n-go, a great twist-out, or simply a moisturizing curl enhanced afro. And, still, I don’t have to use that much! (Amazing)

  1. Our hair is soooo similar! 4a, love the miss jessies baby buttermilk, dont like Taliah Waajid Curly Curl Cream. My go to deep conditioner is the mielle organics babassu and lemongrass. I’ve been looking for product dupes to the miss jessies baby buttermilk bc its a bit out of my price range. Do you suggest anything?


    1. Emoijah Bridges June 6, 2019 at 1:49 pm

      Yes, the African Pride Moisturize and Define Curling Cream works wonders for my hair. And it’s only $5! I also use African Pride Olive Miracle Leave in Conditioner which really detangles and moisturizes my hair, and it does what the bottle says it does: it prevents breakage and it has definitely strengthened my hair. I’ve noticed the difference. I mix some water with my leave in conditioner, then put a curl defining cream, and my hair looks great.


      1. I have no idea why I saw this sooo late! Im gonna try these out and ill give you an update. Thanks!

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