Zit Issues: 5 Tips to Get Rid of Acne

Zit Issues. One of the main reasons being a teenager sucks. And it’s worse when we girls have to take care of every little issue. I’m blessed because I never really worried about acne as a teenager.

Anyways, if you struggle profusely with acne issues – I suggest these 5 tips to help you out.

First… Clean your Face

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This seems sort of an obvious tip, but we don’t do it a lot. Clean your face to get rid of dirt, extra oils, and other things that aid your zit issues. Scrub your face with a facial cleanser vs a bar soap or harsh cleansers.

Avoid Putting Too Much Makeup

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If you’re suffering from acne right now, try not to use as much makeup or even better – no makeup at all. Wearing a lot of makeup can cause more irritation to your skin. If you do decide to wear makeup, wash it at the end of day and do your best to avoid blush or foundation.

Avoid Heavy Oils or Gel in Your Hair

When you put heavy oils or gel in your hair, it can get to your skin – causing more irritation. Chances are – if you’re on my website – you’re a natural hair sista, so I feel you. We always put oils in our hair and, of course, gel to hold our edges or a wash-n-go style. However, I suggest avoiding gel and oils in excess to help your skin a little bit.

Don’t Pick at Your Face

When you mess with that zit or pimple including touching it, trying to pop it… you’re causing more irritation to your skin. Even if you want to pop it (because it’s unbelievably and disgustingly huge) – it’s’ best if it’s done naturally.

Skip the Grease

Chocolate probably won’t cause you to have pimples – but a lot of junk food can aid with your zit issues.

It’s recommended that you avoid dairy products or food that’s high in processed sugar, which can activate pimples. Swap for fruits and vegetables instead. (according to Web(Md)

Don’t Worry about it Too Much…

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You’re probably reading this because you do worry, but I encourage you not to cry over this too much. Unfortunately, acne is just something a lot of teenagers have to deal with. We can’t necessarily control this, but we can take the wheel on what we eat, do, or put on our faces.

Have another tip or concern? Hit me up in the comments!

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