Should I Co-Wash My Natural Hair?

If you’re natural, co-wash has more than likely popped up in your hair regimen. Why? Co-wash is a widely accepted way to wash natural hair because it doesn’t have as many harsh chemicals as traditional shampoos (even if they’re natural products). Co-wash just doesn’t strip as much moisture and natural oils from your hair like shampoo.

Sone popular co-washes (that I’ve personally tried and loved) include Shea Moistures Coconut and Hibiscus Co-Wash and Miss Jessies Co-Wash.

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My wash routine for my hair is always a long, grueling process no matter if I’m co-washing or shampooing. I co-wash my hair every week and apply shampoo and conditioner every two weeks. For every wash, I do a pre-poo with coconut oil and more times than not, I use a hair mask after my co-wash too.

Of course, co-wash doesn’t clean your hair like shampoo…

For me, co-wash doesn’t give my hair that squeaky clean feel. Only shampoo and conditioner will really do that for you. This is obviously a reason many natural hair sisters turn down the co-wash. However, if you’re like me and you put a lot of gel and product in your hair, washing weekly is a necessity, not an option. And the best option for me is co-wash because again, I want my hair to be moisturized.

Unless I use a hair mask – which mind you, take 30 minutes to an hour process – my hair after shampoo + conditioner is dry. 

Not only does co-washing give me the moisture my hair craves after a wash-n-go but it also defines my curls.

The Routine:

Pre-Poo with Oil (Optional)

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Pre-pooing before a co-wash isn’t really necessary but I do it because I absolutely love coconut oil and it leaves my strands shiny and loose. The more moisture, the better!


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I use Miss Jessies but here are some others which are really good.

Apply Hair Mask/Leave-in

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Applying a Hair Mask may not even be necessary but I use my TGIN hair mask because it’s essential for my hair growth and it allows my strands to stay moisturized. A leave-in conditioner can also have the same effect when it comes to moisture.

Another Tip: Really take advantage of the pre-poo process and put oils in your hair. Essential oils like coconut oil and even castor oil can be used as cleansing oils for your scalp.

Image courtesy of Shilnda! from YouTube. Check out her awesome video here!

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