Natural Hair and the Workplace

On this website, we treasure natural hair. Kinky curls, 4A or 4C hair, are precious to us. So, why can’t it be admired in the workplace? There’s no doubt natural hair sistas feel they have to tame their curls to get a job or when they go to work in a professional work setting.

Usually, I don’t post too much opinion on this blog. It’s all about reviews, hair products, and how to’s.

But if we’re going to buy Cantu and Shea Moisture, add co-wash to our vocabulary, and make the natural hair industry profitable – why should we have to straighten or put our hair down at work?

I feel like this is shameful for any black women. In fact, in my aspiring career as a journalist or reporter, I don’t see any African American women with their natural hair. It’s usually permed or straightened and I personally can’t imagine permanently and chemically damaging my hair.

Hair is more than products and tutorials for women of color – it’s a symbol of empowerment and success of the natural hair movement.


African American women are criticized and put down in many areas and hair shouldn’t be one of them. It’s time natural hair and the professional workplace be ‘desegregated.’ And one of the first steps is discussing it.

Do YOU feel pressured to perm or straighten your hair in the workplace? Let me know in the comments. 

  1. I definitely feel that pressure. I’ve worked in places surrounded by mostly white males and you wouldn’t believe (or you would!) the comments made about my hair. From calling it “crazy” or “wild” to saying it looks more natural when it’s straightened, it’s very frustrating!


    1. Emoijah Bridges August 23, 2018 at 10:43 pm

      Yes, it’s very frustrating to go the place we spend most of our time at and we can’t even be natural. I find this very disappointing; we don’t spend all that money on natural hair products for nothing! We should be accepted for who we are and I’m so glad you shared your experience with me. That means a lot


      1. Right because we all know natural hair products are NOT cheap! Thank you for talking about this issue, I’m glad I can contribute to the conversation.

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