Best Protective Styles (Pictures Only)

Here are the best protective styles for natural hair from dread-locks to sew-ins.

Dreads (Natural)

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Dreadlock Extensions

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Dreadlock Extensions (Pinterest)

Box Braids

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Crochet Braids


Sew-in (Traditional Closure or Frontal)

Feed In Braids

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  1. […] For women who don’t like their hair in the first stages of the natural hair journey, there are many protective styles they can opt for. They can wear box braids, crochet braids, sew-ins, and wigs – probably the easiest style for ‘freshly chopped hair.’ (Check out the article on Protective Styles here) […]


  2. […] and go, a nice curl definer. With all of those products bought, plus the money spent on installing protective styles like box braids, Senegalese/passion twists, or sew-ins, a lot of money is spent on our hair. With […]


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