What is the Big Chop and Why Do People Do It?

So, what exactly is the big chop? A big chop is cutting off all your permed or damaged hair and starting fresh with a natural head. Many people do a big chop because they’re ready to transition their hair to its natural state.

Whether or not someone would do a big chop is a difficult decision. Hair is a big part of a woman’s identity and for many women, cutting their hair is like escaping their safety net. Some people may be embarrassed to do a big chop. A big chop is a matter of leaving their comfort zone.

Although it may take a few years for a woman’s natural hair to be where she wants – length-wise, the style, the health, etc. – the wait is well worth it. Take it from a few amazing sisters who shared their stories about their natural hair journey on YouTube.

Meet Kadijah Nicole

And… OnlyOneJess

After the big chop is the TWA (Teeny Weeney Afro) and Awkward Stage (a good length of hair but not quite that long).

For women who don’t like their hair in the first stages of the natural hair journey, there are many protective styles they can opt for. They can wear box braids, crochet braids, sew-ins, and wigs – probably the easiest style for ‘freshly chopped hair.’ (Check out the article on Protective Styles here)

There are also several ways to ensure volume and growth after the big chop, including the use of essential oils (like coconut oil or castor oil), massaging the scalp daily, and using silicone-free, healthy natural hair products.

If you recently got a big chop, congratulations on going natural (or restarting your hair journey)! Hit me up in the comments or check out more articles for tips on hair growth and healthiness.

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