Mixed Thoughts on Miss Jessies Curly Pudding

I used to be in love with Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding. Recently, I’ve been using more lightweight less greasy products as I’ve realized what works better for my hair to ensure its healthiness.

First of all, I just want to say the Curly Pudding does everything it says it will do; it gives extreme curl definition, gets rid of frizz, and establishes a firm, shiny hold. The Curly Pudding is one of those few products that has given me amazing curl definition. Honestly, it has been a long time since I’ve put the Curly Pudding in my hair because I’ve tried a lot of other products that are more light-weight and less greasy and I haven’t been twisting my hair as much.

My hair after using the Curly Pudding for a twist out.

When I put the Curly Pudding in my hair recently, I almost couldn’t stand the smell. It’s good but it’s really strong (no wonder they make an unscented version). I got used to the smell as I started twisting my hair. When I finished the twisting using the Curly Pudding, my hair was definitely defined but it was very greasy. I’m not a fan of greasy products. Plus, with the Curly Pudding, my options are limited. I can only use it when I twist my hair because my hair has to be wet and the Curly Pudding is more for set styles because of its firm, gel-like hold. The Curly Pudding won’t work on dry hair and if I try to use it to style my hair in the morning (with the LOC method and a spritz bottle of water), my hair has major shrinkage.


It’s a plus for the curl definition (extreme definition, yes!) but a major minus for the greasiness and shrinkage. Plus, it’s expensive.

The reality is that I’m going to finish the bottle because that little 8 oz. bottle was 22 dollars! I like the Curly Pudding but there are definitely better options for my hair.

Featured Image courtesy of Madison K Live Life Fun

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