Why You Should Blog

I guess I’m biased because I am a professional blogger and I absolutely LOVE my blogs, especially this one. Honestly, if you’re passionate about writing or researching – why don’t you have a blog?

To start off, creating a blog sparks your creativity and entrepreneurial skills. Even if you’re not starting a blog to make money, launching it requires you to be creative and business-savvy as you set up your own about and contact page, establish the blog, and pick the site themes.

For me, choosing the name for my bog, the type of design I wanted for my website (blog style, magazine style, fancy, casual, etc.) as well as the niche was fascinating. I found myself imagining all sorts of scenarios and when I finally tapped into my favorite scenario, creating a magazine-like blog that focuses on natural hair and the community of young women of color sounded like a GREAT idea. I felt proud of myself after I set up my blog. To be honest, after doing that, I felt like I could do just about anything.

I really believe that setting up a blog as a writer can develop a lot of pride. You feel accomplished when you create a great website and over time, you get better and better. I’ve updated my website countless times – there’s always room for improvement – and the way it looks now compared to its initial publication is MUCH better.

Secondly, I feel like blogging is just a great hobby to have. At the end of the day, I’m excited to get on the computer and brainstorm some ideas to write about or let the typing do it for me. It’s an activity that I actually enjoy because I love writing. The articles I deliver and publish actually help people, which makes me even happier.

Some people like to watch TV. I blog. And watch TV. LOL

Blogging allows me to exercise my writing skills and be a part of a great community – no matter how small or large that community is. I feel like there are so many rewards to blogging for me and I won’t be stopping anytime soon.

If you love writing, helping people, or being creative, I’d say give blogging a try. You can start with Weebly or WordPress (WordPress is my favorite; it’s perfect for bloggers), pick your theme, and start blogging!

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