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Natural hair care is a very important part of black culture, especially for black women within the community. There are a lot of challenges that come with caring for natural hair such as finding the time to style your hair, finding protective styles, but most importantly, finding products that work for your hair. Most women who are apart of the natural hair community know that there are multiple products needed to take care of natural hair. Most of the time, you need a good shampoo, leave-in conditioner, deep conditioner, moisturizer, and if your go-to style is a wash and go, a nice curl definer. With all of those products bought, plus the money spent on installing protective styles like box braids, Senegalese/passion twists, or sew-ins, a lot of money is spent on our hair. With all that money being spent, it would be great for some of that money to actually benefit the black community as well. Most beauty supply stores are monopolized by Asian owners and it is hard for black owners to enter the market. However, for hair care products such as conditioners and moisturizers, there are actually a good amount of black-owned hair care lines. To help better your natural hair care experience, I am going to share five of the top black-owned hair care lines with products that I have personally used myself, that are great for your hair and also great for your wallet.

Mielle Organics 

Owned by: Monique Rodriguez

An organic hair care company that might be slightly more than what you are used to paying, but the products last a while, so you do get what you pay for.

EDEN Bodyworks

Owned by: Jasmine Lawrence

This is a great hair care line with very cheap products, but it also works very well. The deep conditioner is top-ranked, lasts for months, and sold at almost every local store with a natural hair care section.

The Mane Choice

Owned by: Courtney Adeleye

The price of these products is relatively close to that of Mielle, but it is definitely still affordable with yet another great deep conditioner and moisturizer that will last you months and make it worthwhile. 

Bliss Curls

Owner: Mahisha Dellinger

Image result for curls line

This hair care line is a nice price as well, with a lot of slip for kinkier curl textures and great scents.


Owner: Beverly Coleman

This hair care line as actually very new. It was officially launched at the end of last year, so reviews might be scarce, but the products are amazing and it is definitely a great product for all hair textures, including 4C!

Now, you have some references for black-owned hair care lines that have high reviews but will also not have you spending a fortune. Haircare products are a constant expense that black women put money towards, so why not support black businesses while doing your shopping as well. Enjoy, and happy detangling!

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