Shea Moisture Curl Stretch Pudding: Does it Really Help with Shrinkage?

The curl stretch pudding from Shea Moisture’s Red Palm Oil and Cocoa Butter Collection is my staple product for braids and twists. My best braid outs and twist-outs feature the Curl Stretch Pudding.

When it comes down to this product, I think it outperforms in curl definition and moisturising than it does with elongation. In short, it does help with shrinkage, but the difference is not noticeable. The reason I love this product so much doesn’t even have to do with the shrinkage thing; it’s really the juicy, bouncy twists for me.

The Curl Stretch pudding is sticky and creamy, but as you can see in the short clip I uploaded below, it has a nice firm hold. The hold plus the definition is everything for me.

So, does it help with shrinkage? Essentially, yes. You might not notice it at first, but I think it comes down to the little differences that matter. My twists and braids look more elongated and better, but my hair has also grown since I took my braids out, so I could also be misguided.

I don’t do a lot of twisting or braiding because of the investment of time, but I have done more of it lately as I let my hair loose. So, I would 100% recommend this to someone looking for a good twist/braid out product.

Featured Image courtesy of Shea Moisture

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