What is My Hair Type?

People have told me I have 3c hair. 4a. 4b. To be honest, I have to learned to embrace all the different textures of my hair rather than confine it to a specific category.

For the most part, I identify my hair as 4a/4b hair or sometimes I just say I have type 4 hair. For the purpose of this blog, however, I think that giving my viewers a more specific classification and breakdown is important. The reason classifications of our hair types is important is because it is used as reference. When it comes to the different products I use and the reviews I publish, I think it’s vital I do a background of my hair type because different products go with different hair types. Not every product that works with 4a hair works with 4c and vice versa.

The reason I have been neglecting doing a blog post or at least a public reference to my hair type is because I don’t favor the classification.

We spend too much time specifically categorizing our hair to the point where it no longer becomes a reference but a preference.

We all know 4c hair doesn’t get as much love as 4a, especially in social media, so I stopped wracking my brain trying to find a specific category for my hair.

But Anyways…

My hair classification:

  • 4a/4b hair
  • Relatively Thin, Looser Strands
  • Medium/Normal Porosity Hair

With that being said, my hair type works well with more watery substances that can go through my thin looser strands. Heavy thick creams like the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie don’t do well with my hair. Here’s an article on why the Curl Enhancing Smoothie didn’t work well with my hair and a comparison to Miss Jessie’s and Cantu.

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