Our Interview with Amari Thomas, the Founder of Don’t Touch My Curls Package

Most naturalists know about the different curl packages you can receive: Curl Box, Curl Kit, and even the Essence Beauty Box. However, several big-name brands can overshadow small business owners who have the same quality, if not better, products for competitive prices. Amari Thomas, a graduate of the University of Florida and SheaMoisture curl ambassador, combines her natural hair enthusiasm with an entrepreneurial spirit with her Don’t Touch My Curls (DTM) Package.

Many of us recognize that natural hair products are expensive. Thomas aims to help those, including former college peers, with natural hair, afford what should be inexpensive. 

“I started this business because I wanted to help natural girls and boys have access to affordable products to take care of their hair,” said Thomas. 

She further elaborates on the relationship between beauty supply stores’ high rates and people not taking care of their hair since they can’t afford to.

Many people don’t take care of their hair because they don’t have good hair products


The owner of the DTM Curls Package fell in love with the whole idea by taking care of her own hair.

“I started doing YouTube and started promoting products,” she said. “A lot of people would normally ask me how to style my hair. That is what really made me want to be a natural hair enthusiast. I think it’s the people who really had so many questions for me and I really wanted to answer them all. That’s why I started to do my YouTube and Instagram to promote natural hair.”

As a young entrepreneur herself, Thomas encourages other young people to focus on the big picture and not allow small obstacles to get in the way. As an entrepreneur, it “can be very discouraging at the beginning” as Thomas notes. With the small obstacles in mind, she also wants other entrepreneurs to create a vision board to focus on the big picture. Thomas’s own vision is coherent with her slogan: “Convenient, Affordable, and Hand-Picked.” 

“I want to keep giving curly-haired individuals convenient products, so they don’t have to go to the store or leave their home,” Thomas said. “It’s convenient; it can be shipped right to you. It’s at an affordable rate; you’re not spending an arm and a leg. You are actually receiving more products at discounted prices versus what you would be spending at any other store. Last but not least, these are hand-picked. You will not find them at these rates anywhere else.”

(With the DTM Curls Package, buyers can receive Luster Pink, Creme of Nature, and many more in their hand-picked package)

Although the money is a reward itself, Thomas sees it as a bonus which doesn’t match this invaluable compensation she gets from DTM Curls package: helping others with natural hair. She recognizes how helpful her business has been, especially when people DM her a thank you message or send pictures of their beautiful healthy curls. 

“It’s definitely a rewarding feeling knowing that my peers from campus are wanting to embrace their natural hair,” she said. “I believe having access to these products is really going to make people take care of their curls.” 

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