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Blogging is a phenomena that once introduced a world of personal websites and online journals. But now it has bloomed into a major source of income for many and an inspiring platform for others. I, for one, can speak from experience. My name is Emoijah Bridges and my journey into blogging has bloomed into several areas such as web development, research, and WordPress expertise.

Our Interview with Amari Thomas, the Founder of Don’t Touch My Curls Package

Most naturalists know about the different curl packages you can receive: Curl Box, Curl Kit, and even the Essence Beauty Box. However, several big-name brands can overshadow small business owners who have the same quality, if not better, products for competitive prices. Amari Thomas, a graduate of the University of Florida and SheaMoisture curl ambassador, ...


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How to do Two Sleek Puffs with a Side Part

I’m going to show you guys how I achieve a sleek two puff look with a side part using Eco Styler gel and the She is Bomb glaze. Here’s the video. Enjoy! And while you’re there, don’t forget to like, subscribe, and follow me on my other social media channels 🙂

Why the Hair Porosity Test is a Lie

Take a strand from your hair and put it in a cup of water. If it floats, your hair has low porosity. If it sinks, your hair has high porosity. The Internet. Difference between High and Low Porosity High porosity hair means your hair takes in moisture just as easily as it lets go of ...

How to Slick Down Short 4a/4b Natural Hair

Today I will be showing you guys how I slick down my short 4a/4b natural hair using Eco Styler and She is Bomb Glaze.

Wash Day on 4a/4b Hair: Featuring the Shea Moisture Red Palm Oil and Cocoa Butter Collection

Hey guys! I am so excited you are checking out my blog article. Today, I am uploading a video I did featuring my wash day process where I used the Shea Moisture Red Palm Oil Detangling Shampoo and Rinse-out or Leave-in Conditioner as well as the TGIN Honey Miracle Hair Mask. Enjoy!

Restoring and Maintaining My Faith in College

I decided to do something different today! I wanted to discuss my spirtual growth, particularly from my first semester of college, to now. I have grown so much and I wanted to share with you guys how I not only restored my faith but how I maintain it with all the distractions college throws at ...

Shea Moisture Red Palm Oil and Cocoa Butter Collection: Review

There are four things in the Shea Moisture Red Palm Oil and Cocoa Butter Collection: the Detangling Shampoo, Leave-in or Rinse-Out Conditioner, Curl Stretch Pudding, and Styling Gelee. I have tried every product except the Styling Gelee so there’s not much information I can offer on that one. Basically, this collection was designed by Shea ...

What is My Hair Type?

People have told me I have 3c hair. 4a. 4b. To be honest, I have to learned to embrace all the different textures of my hair rather than confine it to a specific category. For the most part, I identify my hair as 4a/4b hair or sometimes I just say I have type 4 hair. ...

Shea Moisture Curl Stretch Pudding: Does it Really Help with Shrinkage?

The curl stretch pudding from Shea Moisture’s Red Palm Oil and Cocoa Butter Collection is my staple product for braids and twists. My best braid outs and twist-outs feature the Curl Stretch Pudding. When it comes down to this product, I think it outperforms in curl definition and moisturising than it does with elongation. In ...