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6 Songs To Get You Through This Month

As a music connoisseur, I believe that music has the power to speak to individuals and lift them through difficult sessions of life. As we are now going through the feeling of isolation, loneliness and or the longing to see your loved ones I decided to create a list of songs that have got me ...

I’m Back!

I’m back guys! It’s been a month and a half since my last post, and I have to say, college life has been crazy! As I started the journey to my new life this past month, I had to put blogging to the side. I’m more than happy to have finally settled in, so I ...


To My Fanbase at Savvy and Beautiful: A New Site!

Hello, Savvy and Beautiful audience! I appreciate you guys so much and I love how my fan base has grown. The engagement is real and amazing with likes, follows, and comments on my blog posts. I’ve created a new blog, called, updated with articles that explore topics like feminism, racism, and sexism. It speaks ...