Savvy and Beautiful was created to help young girls, especially African American, to be business savvy, successful in education, and naturally beautiful. Why?

  1. Countless young adults are starting their own online businesses
  2. It’s hard to get into college and be successful in school – but not impossible
  3. More and more African American girls are embracing their natural hair
  4. And 4? That’s why Savvy and Beautiful wants to help!

The Savvy and Beautiful website’s goal is for young women to share and gain advice on being the absolute best they can be.

About the Founder


Hi, I’m Emoijah Bridges! I am a blogger and freelance writer that started out writing everything from health articles to contributing to entrepreneurship books. I decided it was time to set up my own website catered to African American girls such as myself. Why? There are so many tips and advice to share – so, why keep it to myself? I want to share everything I can with other teen girls. And I hope the young ladies, who read my word, feel the same way too!